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The Easiest $250 You Will Ever Make

Checking account bonuses are great. Some of them are greater than others, especially the ones that don’t make you jump through a million hoops and then wait three months to get them.

Enter M&T Bank. Go to this page and enter your zip code. If it says “Good news! A cash bonus promotion is available in your area,” you are about to make the easiest $250 of your life.

Open the MyChoice Plus account. When your application is approved, your account number will be displayed immediately. Write this down. I always forget to do this and then I have to message the bank to get it. Take that account number and go to your employer’s direct deposit page (hopefully you can do this online) and set up $500 to go into your new M&T bank for your next paycheck.

With 2-3 days of your next paycheck, you will receive a $250 bonus in your M&T account. Check out how simple this is below. From application start to bonus in the account: 11 days.

The one caveat: you cannot close the account immediately after getting the bonus unless you want to pay a $50 early termination fee. To avoid this fee, you need to keep the account open for 6 months. There’s also a $15 monthly fee on the MyChoice Plus account. So here’s what you do: message M&T bank online and tell them to downgrade your account to Classic Checking. Classic has a $5 monthly fee, but it’s waived with just one direct deposit a month. So set up you work DD to deposit $1 each pay period into your M&T account. Set a note on your calendar for six months. Transfer the $12 in your M&T account to another checking account. Once your balance is at $0, message M&T and ask them to close the account.

Rinse and repeat a year later. Yup, you can get this bonus every year. To play it safe, I would say apply again 13 months after you received the last bonus into your account.

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