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The Best No APR/Balance Transfer Credit Card Out There Right Now

The credit card rewards game is meant to be played by those who can afford to pay off their balances in full each month. The cards that offer the biggest bonuses generally also have the highest interest rates.

The bank wants you to be lured in by the big bonus and then keep a running balance that quickly gives that bonus money right back to the bank. But let’s say you are in a little debt and you want to get out of it while also dipping your toes into the points world. There is one card that stands out among the pack: the American Express EveryDay card.

It offers 15 months of no interest on all purchases and balance transfers. One of its best perks: there is no balance transfer fee. With most cards, the balance transfer fee is between 3-5 percent. That’s a good chunk of change if you plan on transferring a few thousand bucks.

Incredibly, it also comes with a signup bonus. This is very, very rare for a card that already offers no interest. The official bonus is 15,000 Membership Rewards (conservatively valued at $200 when used for travel) points for spending $1,000 within the first three months. Check out my referral link here. It may actually offer 20,000 MR points as the bonus as it did when I opened it on a different browser. Just note that if it does, the spending requirement is $2,000. If it shows 15K points, you may want to copy and paste the link into an incognito/private window using a different browser and see if the 20K offer shows up. For some reason this trick can sometimes trigger a larger offer.

Obviously with the no interest offer, the bank wants you to run up your balance real high and then start paying hefty interest when the 15 months if up. So be careful with these kinds of cards. Have a plan to pay them off before the no interest period is up.

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