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Disney With Points: 2 Credit Card Bonuses Cover Flights/Hotel For Family of 4

Disney World is expensive. But the pain of paying more than $100 a ticket to get into a theme park can be eased a bit if your airfare and hotel are free of charge. And it’s really quite easy to pull off with just two credit card signup bonuses.

Now this will be easiest for people who live near an airport served by Southwest. It’s also not going to be much help for those who insist on staying at Disney World owned resorts. You can’t use points for those. Now my wife will argue that the perks that come with staying on a Disney property are worth the cost. But I will argue that free is free so the Hyatt Place it is. (But seriously, Hyatt Places are great. Free breakfast and not just shitty cereals!)

Any way, here’s how to pull this off:

  1. Apply for the Chase Southwest Business Premier card here. Just like the Chase Ink I wrote about in an earlier post, it’s obviously a business card, but many things count as a business. The bonus here is 60,000 Southwest points after spending $3K in three months. You do need to pay the $99 annual fee upfront. As long as your dates are flexible (i.e. you don’t insist on leaving on the Saturday at the start of winter break), those points are likely enough to get a family of four roundtrip airfare to Disney. As an example, I can book 4 roundtrip tickets from Islip MacArthur to Orlando leaving on Feb. 26, 2019 and returning on March 5, 2019 for 48,000 points plus $44 in taxes. If I paid cash for those tickets, it would come to $775.
  2. Apply for the Chase Hyatt card here. This one gets you 40,000 Hyatt points after spending $3K in the first three months and then another 20,000 points after you spend a total of $6K within the first 6 months. Same deal with the annual fee here. It’s $95 and it will appear on your first statement. Those 60,000 points can get you 7 free nights in this lovely Hyatt Place near Universal Studios. To pay cash for 7 nights at that hotel comes to $1,158.

So basically pay a couple hundred in annual fees and $44 in taxes and get nearly $2,000 worth of travel value from just two credit cards! And that’s why I love the points game. Now once you get to Disney, all bets are off and you spend all of your money on autograph book pens that your 4-year-old daughter will keep breaking.

I will eventually devote an entire post on Chase’s 5/24 rule, which basically means you can’t be approved for a Chase card if you have opened more than 4 credit cards from any bank in the last two years, but for now, make sure to check out this post on the Points Guy if you do plan on applying for several cards in the near future.

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